Institute for Architectural Anthropology

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Housing design / Factory design / Anthropological survey on people and architecture / Support project for depressed areas and vulnerable people / Management of 4awalk Project


Komazawa Women’s University, 238, Sakahama, Inagi, Tokyo, JAPAN

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Fuyuki Makino (Nagano, JAPAN), Ph.D, Anthropologist, Architect

Associate Professor, Art and Architecture School of Waseda University

Special Research Fellow at Institute of Japanese Culture, Komazawa Women’s University


He graduated from Department of Engineering, Waseda University (B.A.), earned a master’s (M.A.) and completed the doctoral course (Ph.D) at the Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies, Waseda University. He continued his studies at doctoral course of Ethnography, Zurich University in Switzerland. He also graduated from the Arts and Architecture School of Waseda University and earned a 1st grade architectural national license in Japan. He continued his studies at Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma as an internship in Harvard University. He worked at Waseda University as a research assistant and an assistant professor and Komazawa Women’s University as an associate professor. In 2006 he established his own practice. He has research interests in both architecture and anthropology. About anthropology, he focused on the new human relationship emerged in the informal settlements in the Philippines. Moreover he made the fieldwork in Cambodia and focused on the local memorial spaces and negative heritages. About architecture, He participated architectural competitions related to the housing improvement project in depressed areas, and he founded the architectural office, Institute for Architectural Anthropology.




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