4awalk / Nagetive Heritage x Peace

What is 4awalk?

This site is a real space archive on conflicts such as war, terrorism, conflict, etc. People who are authenticated can be posted freely. Each article consists of (1) photograph, (2) overview and meaning, and (3) map.

Website Name: 4awalk
Management: Institute of Architectural Anthropology
Open: 4th/February/2019
URL: 4awalk.com


4awalk has 3 Functions
This site has three functions
1. Preservation
Save the existence of that real space
2. Share
Share the meaning of that real space
3. Visit
Present a map to visit that real space

Lieux de mémoire

The place posted on this site is something meaningful to the contributor. There is a strong intention of the poster to memorize that place and tell it to others before someday gone. In that sense, this site is related to the notion of “lieux de mémoire” that Pierre Nora pointed out.

Look, recognize, and visit

Here we are targeting the real space that you can actually go, looking with your own eyes. Even for descriptions of the same place, the outline and meaning differ depending on contributors, and individual recognition is emerged there. Someone will create new recognition by looking at the article.
In the post, we prepare a map to visit the real space. If you have a opportunity, I would like you to visit the actual place. And again, I want you to overwrite the memories.
Drop posts and visit sites.