KOBO Project

What is KOBO?
We work towards improving the social and economic lives of vulnerable people around the world. By implementing programs centered on photo projects and handmade crafts, we aim to promote self-reliance to achieve a society where all people have hope and are able to live with an independent-mind.

Name: KOBO General Incorporated Association (一般社団法人KOBO)
Founder: Yuko Shimazaki, Fuyuki Makino
Founded: 5th/March/2014
Contact: info[at]kobo-project.com
URL: www.kobo-project.com

(1) Support for the development of vocational skills targeted at people who are primarily economically and socially vulnerable
(2) Marketing support for producers / producers
(3) Support for promoting social welfare programs
(4) Survey analysis on social problems occurring against the background of globalization
(5) Survey analysis on cultural tradition centering on monozukuri
(6) Promotion of fair trade and personnel training related to this
(7) Various product sales through fair trade
(8) Information provision and awareness raising activities on global environmental issues, poverty problems, human rights issues, etc.
(9) Any incidental or related business related to the projects listed in the preceding items