Packaged housing project for slum areas in Cambodia

Design Objective:
How can we contribute to poverty in developing countries with architectural approach? The poverty problem has been approached from a diversified aspect such as employment, human rights, economics, medical care, and politics. However, there has been a lack of a physical platform including the meaning of ‘comfort of living’ there. In fact, “living” is the foundation of every basic life, each element such as employment, human rights, economy, etc. is linked to the establishment of “proper living space”. With this in mind, this project tackles the problem solving in the poor areas by the architectural approach.

The purpose of this project is housing assistance in district poor areas outskirts of Phnom Penh. Residents in the target area were forcibly moved to the suburbs by Phnom Penh Special Zone Redevelopment Project. Living on a land without basic life infrastructure is extremely unstable.

The plan approaches mainly from the architectural aspect to solving the eight main problems.
1. Flood
2. Temperature control
3. Security deterioration
4. Vulnerability of residence
5. High construction cost
6. Small space
7. Inexperienced technology
8. Insufficient housing function