Designing the School of Tomorrow

Our project, THE SCHOOL OF TOMORROW, provides educational spaces for anyone who wants to study. At the same time, the use of the space is open to the public: evacuation center, open college, plaza, and residence for artists, etc.

Concept 1
As in the ancient time, the school was originally took form of an open- air class, where a teacher give teachings to pupils gathered under a tree. This image is shared all over the world through stories of Confucius, Christ, and Shakyamuni, beyond religious differences. Our project embodies the image of the original school which is open both physically and spiritually.

Concept 2
Our project provides both inner and open spaces. Students can learn under the trees when the climate is mild. When it rains, they can stay inside of the container unit. Trees around the unit will become windbreak at the time of typhoon, and provide shade when the sunlight is strong.

Concept 3
Construction of the container unit will be self-build by the local people, except the foundation which will be set up by the professional engineers. The container unit has flexibility of building more or arranging the layout for the variety of purposes.