Urban Planning Proposal for Hikone City: Serigumi Fushin

Outstanding Performance Award
Mayor of Hikone Special Award
Collaborative design: Fuyuki Makino, Tadashi Hirai, Tadashi Hirabayashi

“Fushin” in Japanese is to create and maintain social infrastructure through collaboration of local residents. In this proposal, we will inherit and develop the historical heritage of the Serihashi district, Hikone castle town.

Introducing a new way and establishing “Karomu Square” will continue historical context and cultural property to the future.

A local community builds a new community “Karomu Town” that responds to falling birthrates, aging population, car sharing and disaster prevention. This “Serigumi-Fushin” will create a new history.

Kamori Town: “Karomu” is a board game played by four people. Currently it is only in the Hikone area. The appearance that young and old and young people play face to face with each other resemble the figure of community development in the Serizabashi area. This proposal aims to realize the city “Kamoru Town” aiming for exchange beyond generations.